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New project. Let’s see how long this one lasts.

Once upon a long time ago there was a site called Mydrobe. The layout was gross, the name was atrocious and it was mostly populated by teens and tweens pretending they had Louboutins and LVs by the truckload. What it did do, however, was document day to day outfits and keep track of how often items were worn and what outfits they were worn in (AWESOME). The site creator got bored with the site and it pretty much died in a flaming mass of PHP errors. I never really did find another site that would do all the things that Mydrobe did.

What I’m going to try and do with this particular blog is try and document items via tags. The photography will be ugly (don’t have time and/or will to set up pretty photos every damn day–ePropz to those who manage to do it) and text will probably be minimal, but it’ll get the job done (I hope). Posts will be dated the day the photo was taken, not the day the post was written/published.

Kicking off 30 with my first post. There is bolognese sauce on my sweater that you can’t see in these photos. Got it out (I think) with dish soap and salt.