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Happy birthday to me and this blog!

I started this log exactly one year ago with the primary objective being to see exactly how much I was (or was not) wearing the things in my closet. A small side objective was to help out anyone who wanted to see what a certain item/brand looks like on a real person , which is why I made it public (though perhaps this would have been more useful if I posted my height/measurements). An unexpected side benefit was really seeing how my clothing looks on me. Fancy sweatpants? Surprisingly not horrible! This Monrow jacket? Haven’t worn it since I first photographed it last October.

Now,for some stats. Some of which are pretty obvious from the screenshot posted above.

Most worn/used item: Longchamp bag at 229 wears. Clearly a good purchase.

Most worn shoes: Camilla Skovgaard flat sandal at 57 wears. This was a surprisingly good buy for me. They deviated from my usual style of footwear but ended up being so comfortable (after an initial painful breaking-in period in Napa involving a blister and grape-stomping) and seemed to go with almost everything. In my eyes, anyway. These L’Agence slippers also fall into this category (43 wears).

Most worn sunglasses: Stella McCartney thick square sunglasses at 124 wears. Last minute purchase from summer 2013 that has paid off.

Most worn article of clothing: Asos leather jacket (52 wears). Real leather, got it on sale, got the sleeves taken up, worth every penny.

Favorite brands (apparently): Lang (20 items) and Wang (18 items) (Helmut/Helmut Lang and Alexander Wang/T by Alexander Wang). Other brands that show up repeatedly? Allsaints (12 items), Uniqlo (11 items), Rag & Bone (13 items, including the /knit and /jean lines), Topshop (10 items), and Asos (10 items)